In light of today’s delicate economic landscape, where childcare services seem to be facing an emerging staffing crisis. It is more important than ever for managers of childcare centers to keep their employees happy. Remember, when employees are loyal and engaged, they will perform better. Overcome stress more easily and keep their focus on the things that made them choose this area of activity in the first place.

9 ways of keeping your staff happy - Staff happy

Now…you might be wondering what exactly it is that you can do about it since everyone knows that happiness comes from within.  And you might fall into the trap of thinking that money is the only or the best motivator for employees. In reality, however, as proven by several studies on this subject. People are much more motivated by trustworthy leaders. Being relevant and recognized for their merits, as well as being part of a strong, united team.

So there are plenty of things that you can do to show your appreciation towards your staff and help them stay motivated, loyal, happy and productive.

You can find a list of 9 ways of keeping your staff happy that you can use to accomplish this.

9 ways of keeping your staff happy - Building activities

1.Team building activities.

Here are two examples that would be great for childcare employees: Treasure Hunt– an organized outdoor activity where team members work together to locate the town’s hidden treasures, answering questions and earning points; The Secret Friend– a month long activity where staff members pick a card with the name of their “secret friend”.  Then hide gifts or hand-written cards/notes of encouragement around the center – an activity guaranteed to put a smile on their faces and light up their day!

2.Mail a handwritten card to your staff.

This is a very kind and touching gesture of appreciation for your staff’s excellent work and loyalty. If you have a staff member who has successfully passed a milestone. Send them a hand written card truly shows your recognition of their merits and your personal acknowledgement for their contribution.

9 ways of keeping your staff happy - Happy teacher

3.Cross training.

Encourage your childcare staff members to observe and shadow each other during some of their activities with the children. This is a great example of collaborative learning.

4.Scratch-off lottery tickets together.

This is another group activity that they might enjoy. It’s a great way of sharing an interest because it adds the excitement of possibly winning, which definitely increases the fun!

5.Embrace technology and get rid of that time and resource consuming paperwork.

Let’s face it, nobody likes paperwork! And most probably none of your staff members is fond of it either. In the era of ever developing technologies. There is definitely software available to assist you and your staff in your daily childcare activities and allow you to focus on what really matters: the children.

For instance, ChildDiary is an easy to use online learning journal. You can document children’s daily routines, observations linked to the curriculum and share notes and photos with parents. Create your private account and find out why so many childcare professionals are so happy with it!

9 ways of keeping your staff happy - Ipad technologie

6.Bring a breakfast treat, homemade or store bought.

This will definitely be received with great joy and enthusiasm. It does not have to happen on a daily basis, but doing this gesture for your staff from time to time. Especially on days that are expected to be more stressful, will really make a difference!

7.Arrange an “off campus” outing or training.

If you are low on budget, don’t get discouraged! The nearest playground will perfectly do!

8.Share a comic, funny video or joke.

Basically, anything that you can share with your staff that might lead to some good laughs together is a great idea. Because it promotes openness and creates a positive atmosphere, setting the mood for cooperation, exchange of ideas and quality time with the team.

9 ways of keeping your staff happy - Team party

9. Enjoy a themed lunch party or a potluck dinner together.

Food will never go out of style and it has always provided the perfect setting for communication and openness. Your staff will enjoy these moments of connection with colleagues and the opportunity to know one another better.