About us

Our aim is to empower childcare services by giving them everything they need to offer children the best education ever.

Why ChildDiary

High quality childcare provides important cognitive and emotional benefits for all children. The effects are specially relevant in children’s early years and benefits continue to be felt through school years and into adulthood.

As a result we created ChildDiary, to do everything we can to help childcare services focus on children’s education and well-being instead of being overwhelmed by the compliance paperwork required by regulations.

Furthermore, we believe in the importance of partnerships between childcare services and families and its positive impact on children’s learning outcomes. For this reason ChildDiary helps families and childcare services communicate in a way they could never have done before.

Who are we

Joao Carlos de Sousa
Joao Carlos de SousaCEO
Joao was born in Lisbon and learned how to share his miniature cars in a Alverca’s preschool (CEBI). Ever since he’s been doing consultancy for a number of companies all around the world. While in Ireland, his wife’s dedication to education led him to start ChildDiary.
Vanessa Bileu
Vanessa BileuCOO & Preschool teacher
Vanessa was born in Vila Franca de Xira and her grandfather’s rabbits were her first friends. Since then Vanessa never left preschool education and has been having fun teaching children and adults in Portugal, Africa and Ireland.
Roberto Cortez
Roberto CortezMarketing Guru
Roberto was born in Guimarães, but was in Fafe that he grew up and learnt to scream goal for Vitória de Guimarães. Today he’s passionate about Digital Marketing and helps ChildDiary to spread its message in the virtual world.
Joaquin Navarro
Joaquin NavarroSoftware Developer
Joaquin was born in Argentina and since then he loves cars. Nowadays he lives in Barcelona and beside the beach and enjoying the city´s multicultural life, improving ChildDiary’s platform it’ s his favorite way of turning this world a better place…. at least for teachers!
Joao Renato
Joao RenatoMarketing Creative
Joao Renato was born in Brazil and since childhood has been very creative, which made his child plays funnier. Nowadays, he’s using his creativity to better disseminate ChildDiary’s message.
Vera Salgueiro
Vera SalgueiroSales & Preschool teacher
Vera was born in Lisbon and was thru her youngest sister that she discovered her passion for working with young children. Later on she realized her dream of becoming a Kindergarten teacher. Nowadays, she gathers all her knowledge in assisting more Kindergarten teachers to embrace new technologies.
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