How ChildDiary started?

Our co-founder, Vanessa Bileu, was interviewed by Killian Woods from's Unlikely Entrepreneurs.  She explained how, after 10 years as a pre-school teacher in Ireland, Portugal and Africa, she created ChildDiary with her husband, Joao Carlos [...]

What is new – March 2017

We love our customers and their ideas. Here is the list of improvements we've made during the month of March 2017. Do you have an opinion over on what should we work next? Send us an [...]

Advent Calendars Children Will Love!

All around the world teachers are planning Christmas activities for their classrooms. Trees, cards, calendars, small and big decorations...a huge amount of arts & crafts activities where children explore glitter more than at any other [...]

  • Autumn Baby

Autumn Sensory Activities For Everyone

Autumn is a wonderful season and is a perfect time for children to become inspired by nature. With bright vibrant colours are all around,  fresh leaves to crunch and jump in and throw in the [...]

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