Advent Calendars Children Will Love!

All around the world teachers are planning Christmas activities for their classrooms. Trees, cards, calendars, small and big decorations...a huge amount of arts & crafts activities where children explore glitter more than at any other [...]

  • Autumn Baby

Autumn Sensory Activities For Everyone

Autumn is a wonderful season and is a perfect time for children to become inspired by nature. With bright vibrant colours are all around,  fresh leaves to crunch and jump in and throw in the [...]

Why do parents love ChildDiary?

We recently asked our parents to complete a survey and here are some of the results. So what is important to the current parents who use ChildDiary?  Well the biggest thing is seeing photos of [...]

Why are parents choosing your childcare service

With so many parents these days working long hours, there is no surprise that they get more cautious when trying to decide what crèche they should send their little ones to. As a [...]

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