1. Login to your ChildDiary account
  2. Create a new message or event to let parents know of the video call
    1. In the body of the message/event include the invite for the video call: https://jitsi.childdiary.net/{yourSchoolName}-{yourRoomName}
    2. Include the name of your childcare provider and the name of the room
    3. Example: https://jitsi.childdiary.net/ABC-Lizards
  3. Send the message/event to parents
  4. Check out this article to learn to join the video call
ChildDiary - Como fazer vídeo-chamadas com as famílias

Important notes on GDPR:

  • This video calling service was not developed by ChildDiary. It was created by www.jitsi.org
  • ChildDiary is hosting this service to help our customers
  • ChildDiary has done its best to validate this service but it is not responsible for it
  • ChildDiary does not collect information on the participants of the video calls
  • This service is hosted separately from the ChildDiary Platform
  • Read this article for more info.