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Why are childcare services using ChildDiary

On average documentation can take up to 22h per month of a teacher’s attention. Yep, that’s 1h per day where teachers are not focused on what really matters: children!
Only 5% of all childcare services are informed of their inspection in advance. Our goal is to help you be inspector-ready using less time & effort.
98% of parents say that they love seeing photos & notes of their little ones. We support you in guaranteeing parents feel reassured & happy.

How does it work?

ChildDiary is an easy to use online learning journal. You can easily document children’s daily routines, observations linked to the curriculum and share notes and photos with parents.

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Save time and make parents happy

We help childcare services manage regulations regarding the recording of daily routines (attendance, sleep, meals, activities, …) and curriculum assessment by offering an online private diary.

Our blog

To support teachers and managers on their day to day we also write and share blog posts with activities, new regulations or even tips to plan the transition to “big school”. Here is an example of what we have been writing about recently.

What is new in October 2017

We love our customers and their ideas. Here is the list of improvements we've made during the months of July, August, September and October. Do you have an opinion over on what should we [...]

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