ChildDiary has helped hundreds of settings, thousands of educators and families. See the impact ChildDiary had on Early Childhood Education in 2023!

Understand why we said so many times throughout the year that “we are much more than a platform, we are a community”.

We helped thousands of professionals

In 2023 ChildDiary helped thousands of educators save hours of paperwork and bureaucracy. For example, more than 60,000 assessments were produced (20,000 more than in 2022). Assessments were made with the help of the observations made both in real time and remotely, through our built-in video calls and/or more than 10 million video and photo shares, etc.

We also highlight our fast and efficient customer support: over the course of the year, we solved more than 11,000 support requests with an average response time of less than two hours.

We provided new pedagogical content with weekly newsletters for clients, such as ebooks and blog articles, and even created an exclusive section: “Thinking About”.

We were partners with Directors, Managers and Coordinators

Managers and coordinators of nurseries, preschools, kindergartens and elementary schools have met the requirements of the inspections with the help of ChildDiary. With quick access to all the setting’s administrative and curricular documents: Yearly Planning, Individual Plans, Diagnostics, Internal Regulations, Circulars, etc…

We also supported them with team management, providing training for the professionals:

  • With the ChildDiary Academy: we have provided more than 260 hours of free annual training to ChildDiary’s clients including, in addition to educators, principals, coordinators, assistants and administrators.
  • With ChildDIary Webinars: an extra online training service that has been launched in more than 50 settings, allowing them to provide their staff with training at their own pace and time with hundreds of webinars! 

What did our clients say?

From settings in Portugal with Inclusive Education, to those that have been with us for more than 3 years, or even those that started 2023 with our app, ChildDIary has exceeded expectations and borders, because Angola has also surrendered to our app!

The testimonials throughout the year could not have been better! 

Read on our blog:

“It’s hard to imagine life in childcare without it now!”

How does ChildDiary support inclusive education practices?

Our customers’ feedback matters!

Our satisfaction enquiry is something we do every year in order to provide an even better service.

It brought us some answers, namely about our customers’ preferences with the ChildDiary app. See the Top 5 Benefits of ChildDiary according to our customers:

  1. Saves time with assessments, records, routines and communication;
  2. Promotes parental engagement;
  3. Concentrates all communication and educational documentation in one place;
  4. Facilitates the organization of information on the learning of each child and each group.
  5. Guarantees privacy and security.

We helped families keeping up to date with their children’s daily lives

106 256 family members accessed the platform in 2023!  And the feedback we received throughout the year made us very proud.

We have successfully managed to give peace of mind and confidence, not only to the settings, but also to the families!

We have launched new features and improvements

The greater use of the ChildDiary Platform comes with an increase in the number of users, parents, and professionals, which gives us a greater responsibility to do more and to do better. That’s why we’ve brought new updates to meet the needs of the settings we work with:

🚀63 new features and improvements

🚀273 tests, 58 of which to ensure safety and GDPR compliance

Updates that turned ChildDiary into a “rocket”, always taking user safety into account!

Proximity to the Early Childhood Education community with organized events

Throughout the year we held events for educators, directors and coordinators, covering relevant topics, from different pedagogies, efficient practices in settings, team management, family involvement, among others!

More than 500 people participated!

🗓️Efficient management in Settings with ChildDiary and ACIPA, an online event!

🗓️“Participatory Pedagogies in Early Childhood Education” with hundreds of professionals!

With 10 years of experience in the market, ChildDiary has won the trust of settings in Portugal, Ireland and Angola year after year. We are the preferred choice of many teams in terms of teaching, parental engagement and the security of children’s and professionals’ data.

2023 was another year “from people to people”, and we have always made sure that our clients and the Early Childhood Education community see ChildDiary as a partner.

Thank you!

Cátia Barbosa

Marketing Specialist

Patrícia Nogueira

Early Years Education Specialist and Sales Manager

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