Children worldwide from all ages love Easter’s chocolate eggs, it is in human nature, isn´t it? To help you make Easter in your crèche even more delicious and playful we bring you original ideas of how to set up challenging Easter Egg hunts for all your children.

Babies and Wobblers: Follow The Bunny Prints

Easter babies activities

This is the ideal egg hunt for your little ones. Either crawling or walking, babies will love following the bunny footprints until they find their delicious goodies that are placed at the end of the path.

Toddlers: Colored-Coded Hunt!

Easter toddlers activities

This is the perfect challenge for your 2 years-old! Wrap little eggs and treats in different coloured tissue paper and then give a coloured coded basket to each child. Hide the treats all around your classroom or simply place them around your garden and children must hunt them – only taking treats of their colour – and put them in their basket!

Preschoolers: Bouncing And Hoping Hunt

Easter preschool activities

Arrange different “activity posts” around your crèche and ask children to complete various physical challenges such as: star jumps, running up and down a path, jumping inside a sack, doing a silly dance, carrying an egg on a wooden spoon, etc. For each challenge they complete they win a little chocolate egg for their basket!

After-Schoolers: Treasure Hunt

Easter afterschool activities

School age children like complex activities and love challenges that include mysteries. So why not make two different treasure hunt maps, give them to two different teams and let children start to search for their goodies?

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Happy Easter!

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