From Nursery to Primary School


Easter is almost here and there’s something common among children (and many adults!) all over the world: the love for chocolate eggs!

To help you think about moments that not only are delicious, but also stimulating, this Easter we have put together some tips on how to prepare a challenging Easter Egg Hunt from nursery to primary school.

Here are some ideas:

Follow the rabbit footprints! (for nursery and 1 years old)


This is the ideal egg hunt for the little ones. Whether crawling or walking, babies will love to follow the footsteps of the rabbit until they find the surprise that is at the end of the trail.

In order to respect the dietary requirements of each baby, we suggest that each little box at the end of the route has a photo of the baby in question and, this way, you can even nurture self-knowledge: “Who is this baby in the photo?!”.

ChildDiary Tip: Use the ChildDiary app messages to request an up-to-date photo of the family and the baby. Here is how to do it.


Coloured Egg Hunt (for 2 years)


This is the perfect challenge for a 2-years-old!

How about making a paper paste and creating eggs with the kids? Despite the mess, it’s an exciting technique from tearing the paper to mixing the glue and shaping the eggs. When dry, they can paint them with all kinds of colours!

Hide the eggs around the playground or, if time does not allow it, simply scatter them around the room. The children should look for the eggs and together count who has found the most eggs.

At the end, sit in a circle, explore the colours, shapes and textures!

ChildDiary Tip: There is nothing like creating a record, to share all of these classroom learning moments with the families, using many photos and videos. You can include your pedagogical intentionality by entering curriculum parameters. Here is how to make an observation.

Unlimited photos and personalised parameters: where else can you find this?!


Lost Eggs Circuit (for preschool classrooms)


This is the ideal challenge for the older ones at school and requires more preparation from adults.

Create small challengers stations at different points in the nursery. At each station, in addition to the materials and an explanation of the goal to be done (for example: sack race, carrying egg on wooden spoon, funny dance, etc.), also leave a card with the riddle that will allow the group to guess where the next station is.

Divide the group into 2 or 3 smaller groups. With one small group at a time, go to a starting point and read out the starter card that says something like “I am Tomás the rabbit and last night I forgot my eggs at your school. Please help me find them.” For each completed challenge, children will have to guess where the next station is and proceed.

At the final station they will have to find as many eggs as possible and, of course, eat them all!

ChildDiary Tip: Use categories such as Festivities to organise all of the moments you record from this activity. This will help you find whatever you need quickly and evaluate the school year. How to use the categories.


Egg Hunt (for primary school)


Children at school love complex challenges that include mystery. So, how about creating two different treasure hunt maps?

Make two different teams and give a different map to each team. Let the children search for their hidden goodies somewhere in the school!

ChildDiary Tip: Use the calendar schedule and ask for the necessary permits to go out with the kids! Choose a community garden near the school to make it a real challenge for the children. Here’s how you can have everything in one tool only, for yourself and for the parents!


See how easy it is to come up with creative Easter activities for children of all ages? 

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Happy Easter!

Ariana Oliveira
Early Years Education Specialist and customer support

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