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55 professionals took part in the online seminar on the 3rd of May, organised by ChildDiary and ACIPA – Nursery Schools and Kindergartens Association of Angola, with the theme “Efficient Management Practices and Quality Promoters in Educational Settings”.

An event that brought together Angolan and Portuguese schools, to discuss measures to be implemented in order to improve the management of educational institutions. We can say that it was a real success!

Two different countries and realities but with many issues in common. This event allowed an exchange of valuable experiences for the institutions that participated.

Directors and Coordinators who have provided us with important management examples

The seminar began with the topic “Strategies and practices of efficient financial management” with Vitor Lopes, Director of the Monfortinhos de Real school. Who once again addressed the importance of planning, strategy and analysis. Focusing on the financial aspect, stating that the budget should be controlled, following the costs of each area. Inserting the team in these issues, namely, the annual budget and the sharing of its results.

“…at this time we are seeing prices rising on the food sector and we have to be a little careful with our suppliers in order to get better prices”

Vitor Lopes

This was followed by Isabel Jerónimo, Director of Cantinho dos Amigos, with the theme “The team as a fundamental element in the success of a school”. She reflected on the importance of involving and motivating the team, showing that adequate planning, monitoring of projects and even partnerships between the various departments are very important… She also gave us various strategies and team dynamics, such as meetings, training, team building events and even staff exchanges (erasmus)… The exchange sparked the interest of other schools present, generating an exchange of impressions!

“When people come to work happy they effectively make the kids happy.”

Isabel Jerónimo

We finished with Raquel Henriques, Pedagogical Coordinator of the Sobralinho Social Centre for Development, who brought us the topic: “Strategies for an involvement of families as a pedagogical strategy and for the promotion of the Institution”.

Who showed us the importance of the role of families, involving them early on in the interview phase and throughout the year. Sharing examples of moments of family participation in their institution and attributing to ChildDiary an essential role in the relationship between school and family. Not only to show parents photographs/records of the children’s activities, but also in the distance communication with families who have less availability to attend the school!

“(…) all our work is in function of the children but the children are not alone (…) the first focus of our work is the child and the family, never forgetting that the family is probably the most important thing for us to have some success with the evolution of the child”

Raquel Henriques

The seminar was a success!

Ariana Oliveira
Early Years Education Specialist and customer support

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