Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of ChildDiary?

You have two plans to choose from: Room Plan (100% free) and Setting Plan (€1.85 per child/month). You only pay per active child on the platform! Click the button below to find out more about each plan:

Is it safe to use ChildDiary?

Yes! Check out our privacy policy and see how ChildDiary is 100% GDPR compliant:

Is training included?

For the Setting Plan there are 2 initial trainings that are customized to your team.

And what happens if an inspection comes up?

The platform meets all the requirements from Aistear.

What partners do you work with to improve ChildDiary?

Microsoft, Portobello Institute and Childminding Ireland.

Are there many settings using ChildDiary?

Yes, ChildDiary has more than 200 clients. Check below some of them:

Will I have to invest in technology?

No! It runs on any device without major technical requirements and 90% of educators use a basic smartphone.

Can the guardians see everything I publish?

No! They only see the information related to their child and that is shared by the pedagogical team.

Does ChildDiary offer customer support?

Yes! More than support... we offer UNBEATABLE customer support. When you join ChildDiary you become part of our community, which means we take care of you. Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to talk to you!

What if families have questions about ChildDiary?

Families are super important to you, and as such, they are super important to ChildDiary as well. That's why they get the same 5-star treatment you get!

Will my team spend more time using ChildDiary and less time with the children?

Since we created ChildDiary back in 2014, this has been a common issue. That's exactly why we made a point of making the platform extremely easy to use in daycare and preschool. Settings that use ChildDiary tell us repeatedly how much time they save using the platform. We're told it's unequivocally faster, allowing their teams to spend more time with the kids. Still not convinced? See what principals, coordinators and educators say about ChildDiary:

As a director or coordinator, can I see what my team is doing in ChildDiary?

Yes, you have access to all "groups" (which correspond to your rooms) from any device, and see everything that goes on in real time.

Where is information stored and protected?

The platform and its resources are hosted at Microsoft's Azure data centers ( in Europe. Microsoft is a company approved by the EU Article 29 Working Group. Europe's privacy regulators have stated that personal data held in Microsoft company data centers meet strict European privacy standards regardless of where that data is located. For more information about our privacy policy, click on the button below:

What happens to a child's information if he/she leaves the setting or changes its level?

The child will be inactive. However, you will be able to continue to have access to their profile and all reports.

How do I join ChildDiary?

Click the button below to get in touch with us, and we'll take care of the rest!

What does "active child" mean?

An active child in the platform means a child that is currently attending the setting, and that his/her activities and are being registered in ChildDiary.

Is there any binding contract?

There is no binding contract with ChildDiary. We only want you to stay with us if we are adding value to you and your setting!

Is it safe to use ChildDiary?

Yes, it is safe, private and professional. We follow the strict guidelines of GDPR, in order to guarantee confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all data. Check our privacy policy below:

Does my team need to have high digital literacy level?

Not at all, since the platform is very intuitive for professionals (and families as well). We have already trained hundreds of teams, and all became proficient, even surprised with themselves with how fast they felt comfortable using the platform.

What type of files can I upload?

You can upload any type of files (images, videos, PDFs, Word or Excel documents, etc without any quantity or size limits.