We’ve prepared some SCARY  ideas for DAYCARE school and preschool. 

The month of October comes loaded with changes, whether in the colors of the landscape or the temperatures that we feel. At this time of the year, educators and children prepare themselves to celebrate Halloween. So here’s a little help with some ideas for celebrating this day:

Daycare ideas

Nature stamps


Using some nuts and dried fruit that appear this season, we can turn them into stamps for the little ones.


Wool pumpkins


With a little white glue and wool yarn, children can decorate their classroom for Halloween.


A story for children


Farmer Brown does not like Halloween. After he gets into his pajamas and climbs into bed, he’s surprised to find a few tricks waiting for him thanks to the barnyard animals.

Click, clack, Boo! a tricky treat – Stories for Kids


Activities for Pre-school Education

Recycled ghosts, bats and spiders


Yogurt cups, toilet paper rolls, these scary creatures will get older children involved and encourage the development of fine motor skills.


Pumpkins, bald or hairy


With this Halloween activity, for kindergarten, children will be delighted. Transform the pumpkin, see its interior, take advantage of the seeds and make them look FRIGHTENING!

A story full of monsters!


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Ariana Oliveira
Early Years Education Specialist and customer support