Another year, another challenge that forced our settings to adjust! The year of 2022 was full of uncertainty for everyone in the Childcare sector, with the end of the pandemic, now a global economic crisis began. Find out how ChildDiary Helped Settings and Schools, Educators and Families in 2022!

The unfavorable economic context situation brought some reflections, namely in terms of savings. Like families, settings also had and will have to make efforts. ChildDiary allowed several institutions to undergo a digital transformation and with this, costs and time with paperwork, pedagogical and administrative processes were reduced.

In the post-pandemic period, technologies continued to gain ground everywhere, including in schools. And the habit of distance contact between school and family prevailed. ChildDiary offered to thousands of professionals a platform that centralizes that same communication and allows a better management of assessments, documentation and teaching records digitally!

We are very proud to share our teamwork results that made 2022 a successful year. We all contribute to Educational methods all over, helping settings, schools, professionals, families and children!

In this article we show you the results of: Confidential analyzes of usage data, help requests and satisfaction surveys based on the users. Also, spontaneous feedback from professionals and families.

Provenly, the year of 2022 was very positive and the numbers don’t lie!

We cannot fail to highlight something that distinguishes us from other apparently similar platforms on the market: the speed and security of the technology used in our application as well as our fast, continuous and efficient customer support and training. This means that, once again in 2022, we stand out for our quick response to requests for help from our users (parents and professionals) and for the continuous free training provided throughout the year for all new professionals who use our application.

Those who use ChildDiary on a daily basis feel supported, informed and do not waste any of the features that the platform has at their disposal!

Thousands of Educators relied on ChildDiary!

In 2022, ChildDiary helped thousands of educators prepare more than 45k assessment reports (20k more compared to 2021) based on records made both in loco and remotely, on video calls and/or video sharing and photos between parents and educators!

We allowed school-family communication to be done safely and in a more professional way! Other communication platforms, which started out as a solution, ended up becoming a problem with scattered communication and no rules. But fortunately, the habit of communicating at a distance with ChildDiary was created, and there were a million messages exchanged with our platform!

2022 was also the year that saw the growth of our most recent platform, ChildDiary Webinars, a sort of Portuguese “Netflix” for Early Childhood Education, which allows professionals to watch content about Education and Child Health anytime, anywhere, wherever they are. There were over 400 professionals who watched our webinars!

In addition to the podcast “Conversas Pedagógicas/Pedagogical Conversations” which took place for the third consecutive year, accompanied by hundreds of educators, we also organized online events with renowned entities and speakers of excellence in Portugal and Angola, completely free of charge, sharing experiences and practices to be followed in the Education sector and Settings

In 2023, as in every year until today, we intend to keep being the right arm of professionals and settings of early childhood education, both in responding to the challenges continually posed and in promoting better pedagogical practices and family involvement in the education of their children.

Main reasons why we are proud of our values ​​and mission?

  • We are a platform made by educators for educators;
  • We actively listen to educators, teachers and directors for future platform planning;
  • We listen to parents and other users for a constant improvement;
  • We are a reference of quality in education in Portugal and Oversea;
  • We help disseminate good pedagogical practices;
  • We provide a technologically and legally secure, ecologically and financially sustainable resource to all institutions regardless of the sector in which they operate

We are also very proud of the community we have been creating and growing, and would like to thank our users for choosing and accompanying us for another year, as well as the partners and other entities that support and help us to be the reference regarding technology for early childhood education!

Vanessa Biléu
Early Years Education Specialist & Co-Founder ChildDiary

Patrícia Nogueira

Early Years Education Specialist

Teresa Gonçalves

ChildDiary Training and Customer Success Hero

Cátia Barbosa

Marketing Specialist

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