2021 was a challenging year for Early Childhood Education. Although the pandemic was nothing new, as it carried over from the previous year, it solidified the obstacles and challenges in which institutions had to once again respond creatively.

At ChildDiary we dedicated 2021 entirely to the professionals and institutions that use our platform as a centralized means of communication with families. During periods of confinement and in the transition phases of these to institutions, we identified two major needs of both professionals and educational institutions: efficiently managing communication with families and optimizing the documentation and recording of all the pedagogical work that, even at a distance, has not been neglected.

After 3+ months:

  • App user’s satisfaction survey analysis;
  • Confidential usage data analysis;
  • Help requests analysis;
  • Spontaneous feedback from professionals and families.

We are in a conscious position to make and share publicly the balance of what has been ChildDiary’s contribution to Early Childhood Education, but above all to its professionals, families and children.

The balance we have done could not be more positive! We make a difference in the daily life of institutions. The numbers speak for themselves!

Going into detail, even if this figures apparently indicate the use of the platform, they reveal that during the 2021 lockdown periods and each time an institution had to close one or all of its rooms, parents, educators and children were able to keep in touch by making video calls on ChildDiary, and with this decrease anxiety levels of children and adults, help teleworking parents and contribute to much easier and harmonious transitions into the educational context. 

 These numbers also mean that parents and educators have been able, through ChildDiary, to exchange doubts, tips, share frustrations and victories in private and safely for as long as each user has deemed it useful and pertinent, getting answers from both sides whenever necessary.

In 2021 ChildDiary helped thousands of educators to produce over 20,000 assessment reports based on both on-site and remote recordings from video calls and/or video and photo sharing between parents and educators!

Another very interesting contribution of the digital tool in question is the communication it has allowed between educators, educational assistants and the management of the institutions. 

Directors and managers of day care centers, kindergartens and nursery centers have often told us: “I don’t know what would happen to us without ChildDiary during covid!”, and this thanks to the visibility they have been able to have of the work carried out in the context of distance education, but also the easy communication that we allow between directors and parents in real time for diagnosis and warnings of suspected cases of covid19.

And what has always motivated us? To get ever closer to the real needs of education professionals, institutions and families!

We are very proud of our values and mission:

  • We are a platform of educators for educators;
  • We actively listen to educators, teachers and managers;
  • We listen to parents and other users;
  • We are a quality reference in education in Portugal;
  • We help to disseminate good pedagogical practices;
  • We provide a safe and ecologically sustainable resource for all institutions.

For all this and much more, in 2022 we aim to go even further, accompanying professionals and families on this path that is Education!

We cannot end without thanking all our users. First for choosing us and for always being by our side along this path.

Vanessa Biléu
Early Years Education Specialist & Co-Founder ChildDiary

Patrícia Nogueira

Early Years Education Specialist

Ariana Oliveira
Training and Customer Success Hero

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