Find out how ChildDiary supports inclusive education practices with the testimony of the “amar 21” institution about using our platform!

Who is amar 21?

According to the organisation itself, amar21 is an Association for the Support of Trisomy 21 and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders:

“(…) born on 28 September 2012, it is a non-profit association created by parents, family members, friends and technicians of children with trisomy 21 who, motivated by a feeling of dissatisfaction with the school responses offered to our children, as well as the integration and opportunities offered to them by society, seek to create change.”

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The testimony of this institution on the use of ChildDiary!

Our team of educators and customer support asked amar 21 how using ChildDiary helps to share the process with families. The response was beyond our expectations:

Working with children/young people with Special Educational Needs is great and every day we learn new ways of dealing with them. However, as an institution we felt a great need to have a platform that would help us not only to record therapies sessions but also the activities carried out with the young people. ChildDiary has been a fundamental partner in the sense that we have been able to articulate with the parents the whole process of the therapies and social responses that these children/young people are currently attending.

As well as this great advantage of giving us as technicians greater proximity to the parents, it’s also a platform that works very well and is very functional, making our day-to-day work much easier.

Having said that, I’d just like to say a word of thanks to the entire ChildDiary team for their excellent work and congratulations on this excellent platform.

Ariana Oliveira | Early Years Education Specialist and customer support

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