It is with great excitement that we unveil our latest partnership with Kidocky. We believe that this partnership adds value to the ChildDiary community, benefiting both families and institutions and consequently, of course, the children!

What’s Kidocky?

Along with a team of pedagogues, Kidocky Stuff has created Kidocky: an innovative 24-hour clock, suitable for children aged from 3 to 7 years old, which helps them develop a sense of time and understand the moments of their daily activities.

Kidocky was designed to promote the development of children autonomy, responsibility, mathematical reasoning and general culture in a pedagogical and intuitive way.

 In the family and school environment, we believe that Kidocky will be more than just a clock. Through interactive dynamics between children and adults, it provides numerous learning such as the spirit of initiative, discoveries, expression of their opinions, problem solving, persistence in tasks, collaboration, stimulation of creativity, curiosity and a taste for learning.

How does it work?


Kidocky was designed and developed to follow along the child’s growth.

This will help them to develop a sense of time, “before” and “after”, “day” and “night”. In this way, they are alert to the sequence of the day’s activities, developing a sense of responsibility and initiative.


Added value for families and institutions

Learning about the succession of events and the passing of time begins to be internalized in the child’s development and the management of their tasks becomes progressively more intuitive. It is therefore reflected as an essential tool in the conquest of their autonomy!


Kidocky helps to develop the following skills:

  • Establish a routine of practical tasks and fosters the importance of fulfilling their responsibilities autonomously;
  • It promotes progressive learning: as the child grows and becomes more autonomous and responsible, he/she learns more difficult and complex things, and can also carry out other types of tasks;
  • A positive parenting oriented to the respect of the child’s individuality and autonomy;
  • Helps children to assimilate more easily the moment in which each routine task should be carried out and to which moment of the day that sequence of events is associated;
  • Decrease child’s anxiety levels by the appropriation of their own routines;
  • Easier transitions between routine moments, both at kindergarten and at home;
  • Among others.


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