We recently asked our parents to complete a survey and here are some of the results. So what is important to the current parents who use ChildDiary?  Well the biggest thing is seeing photos of the children and getting some notes from the childcare practitioners on how their child’s day is going.  This communication assists with building relationships between staff and parents and as you can see 66.5% thought that it was most important.

What information do parents like to get from their childcare service?

Survey results of why Parents love ChildDiary - Graph 1


All of the family can be involved in keeping up to date with each child’s progress.  Here is some of the wonderful feedback we received about ChildDiary directly from the parents. The parents can only see their own child’s information and no others.

  • “I think it’s a marvelous idea. Great for grannies like me to keep in touch”
  • “I love it. I had never heard or seen this before and I think it’s fantastic. As my last child who is 3 is in Montessori I really appreciate the feedback on her day’s activities. Fab.”
  • “I thought it was a brilliant way to see my child doing his activities and playing with his friends. Also a great connection with teachers as well as other parents”.
  • “We love Child Diary, keep up the good work 😀”
  • “Fantastic idea and a brilliant way to communicate with teachers! Very well done”

Ease of use

Over 80% of the respondents agree that ChildDiary is easy to use and browse, providing them with a channel to interact with teachers and keep in touch with their children.

We asked Parents if they would recommend ChildDiary to other Parents?

Survey results of why Parents love ChildDiary - Graph 2

As 97% would recommend ChildDiary to other parents, this is a huge encouragement to all childcare services!

We are constantly striving to ensure a quality service is provided and we would like to thank the parents who helped us to complete the survey. We are delighted with the results and we are aiming to be a better ChildDiary for everyone!

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