Fantastic childcare providers using ChildDiary

Gema Martos

Manager, Smarties Academy Montessori and Afterschool – Dublin

“Since using ChildDiary, our parents are not only able to participate sending us quick messages through their children’s profiles, but also, they can save beautiful memories and moments with the photos we easily upload on the system, and is for life! We don’t waste extra time any more writing the same thing over and over, we rather spend it making sure our little ones are well looked after and having fun. ChildDiary has truly changed our lives! Compared to other similar apps, ChildDiary offers amazing value and has flexible payment plans to adapt to your needs. Overall, we find ChildDiary to be a fantastic tool for teachers and families who are looking for a high standard and personalised communication system.

Rita Archbold

Silveracre Montessori – Dublin

“We have been using ChildDiary for a while now and the feedback from parents is amazing. Parents love seeing instant posts about their child. This is instant joy for any parent, especially for those working abroad. ChildDiary really improves communication between the child and parent as they can discuss what they have done during the day. As a manager, I love that I can check in on staff observations and see what they are doing, feels reassured that they are on track and can assist any staff member who needs help.”

Maria Sobczyk

Babes in the Woods Creche – Dublin

I’ve made the decision to get ChildDiary last year and I don’t regret it. First of all parents love it, they can see how their child/children were during the day. They would see photos that we take and they can contact their child’s teacher and send a message. It is very accessible and easy to use. My staff members love to use it too. It saves so much time and you can write your observations in no time from your phone, laptop or computer even from your home.

Rosheen Temple

Wee Care RTE – Dublin

We found ChildDiary to be secure, quick, straightforward and easy to use from the very start. Parents and careers play a key role in children’s development and education. ChildDiary allows this connection and communication through photos, observations and documentation of children’s daily wellbeing. The importance of Aistear (curriculum framework) is met through ChildDiary, by allowing a deeper understanding of all aims and goals for both parents and careers to support children’s learning and development. ChildDiary plays a key role in the future of professional childcare.

Orlagh Doyle

Carraig Briste Childcare – Wexford

“We have been using ChildDiary since late 2014. We have found this tool an invaluable support in our recording and documenting of observations. It is superbly simple & the linking to Aistear when completing observations is unique. ChildDiary gives a wonderful insight to our families of the lovely positive experiences within our settings. ChildDiary was an easy choice for us, given the high level of support and the thorough understanding of our needs”

Deirdre Moriarty

Manager, Mallow Community Childcare – Cork

“When it comes to software for childcare services to share information with parents/families there are a number on the market now, who talk a good game but cannot provide what they promise.

We have been using Child Diary and I can say without hesitation that it is very childcare practitioner friendly. The easy to use format gave us real confidence to run with the product and the team really enjoys working with a company who are at the end of the phone if you need them

Caitríona Farrington

Playpals Playschool – Dublin

ChildDiary is a fantastic way to link with parents/guardians about their child’s well-being and development. We all know a picture can tell a thousand words. I find ChildDiary very easy to use and have had nothing but positive feedback from the parents in my service. They like that they have time to digest the information given about Aistear and can use the posts to start conversations with their child about what their day was like in playschool. All in all it links the three of us together, teachers, children and parents.”

Ann Kiely

PlayWorld Day Nursery – Clane

“ChildDiary has made our lives so much easier. We can post daily updates of the children with photos and captions, parents can also post questions or concerns that they may have too. The time you will save by using this system will be a welcome advantage to your day and cut down on your paperwork no end.”

Margaret Dinnen

Scribbles Playschool – Cork

“The provider I worked with before was very hard to use and their support wasn’t great. When I was having a problem I had to call them several times and they were just sending me endless instructions that were very hard to follow. ChildDiary is much faster. It’s a good system that works properly. Even sharing with parents is easier.”

Sharon Denagher

Enquiring Minds – Clane

“Since we moved to ChildDiary we have no problems at all. It doesn’t crash at all, while the service that we’re using before did many times. ChildDiary doesn’t waste my time and staff are able to keep their paperwork up to date without being stressed. Parents are happier and say it’s way easier to login. We are very happy with our decision!”

Hazel O Connor

Room to Bloom Kids Care – Clare

I am very happy with ChildDiary, it allows me to save so much time on the observations. I can now take photos, upload them and then can get them fully completed. Beforehand I had to print them, hand write the observations and try to match the photos to the Observation. Now everything can be done in 2 minutes.”

Caitríona Barret

Area Manager, Wee Care – Dublin

We Implemented child diary into our nursery and Montessori school a few years ago and it turned out to be a great success. The staff all took to it immediately and found it very easy and simple to use. We use it every day for observations, daily schedules, sleep checks, room temp checks and sending newsletters and pictures to parents. Our parents really love receiving the daily information about their child and looking at the pictures and observations at their own leisure. We had our DCYA inspection recently and the Dept of Education was very impressed with how we documented our observations using the Aistear curriculum designed on child diary. We would highly recommend it to other childcare providers

Why do childcare professionals choose ChildDiary

“I am very happy with ChildDiary, it allows me to save so much time on the observations. I can now take photos, uploads them and then can get them fully completed. Beforehand I had to print them, hand write the observations and try to match the photos to the observation. Now everything can be done in 2 minutes.”