We love our customers and their ideas. Here is the list of improvements we’ve made during the months of April and May 2017.

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PS: In case you missed it you can find March’s updates here.


Who is it for: Childcare providers and Parents

Yes, we got it, nowadays no one likes to have to access their email to login to ChildDiary.

You can now have ChildDiary in your home screen:

What is new in April 2017 - add ChildDiary to your home screen

For parents, the benefit is that you can quickly check your child’s learning journal, including photos, videos or daily routines.

For childcare professionals, this will save you even more time, ensuring that you stay focus on what matters: children!

You can visit our help center for detailed instructions on how to add ChildDiary to your home screen.

Meals and activities tracking

Who is it for: Childcare providers

As we announced in March 2017 you can use documents to share menus and activity plans with parents. However parents still love the simplicity of being able to see on their child’s daily report what they ate or activities they’ve done.

We know it is tedious when you need to write the same thing over and over again. With that in mind, ChildDiary know remembers all meals and activities you typed in before and suggests them.

All you have to do is select the meal or activity you want:

What is new in June 2017 - daily records meals and activities tracking

Parents will see the same information on their child’s private learning journal. On the other hand childcare professionals will save time with tedious daily routine tracking!

Edit posts and observations

Who is it for: Childcare providers and Parents

Imagine that you created a fantastic developmental observation linked to your curriculum. You added the photos, described in great detail what the child was doing and put an extra effort into the planning on the next steps.

After saving your observation you noticed a spelling mistake, what to do now?

Easy! Just edit your observation and get rid of that annoying spelling mistake:

What is new in June 2017 - edit observations linked to your curriculum and posts

You can now edit developmental observations linked to your curriculum and posts with notes, photos, videos, …

Attendance report

Who is it for: Childcare providers and inspectors

Almost two years ago we launched our attendance report to ensure that you can quickly check the children’s attendance. This is useful for management purposes but you are also needed to keep your attendance roll book for whenever inspectors drop by.

With the new version of the attendance report you can quickly check how many children were in on a given day. You can also see how many days was a child in.

What is new in June 2017 - attendance roll book for inspections and management

You can use all the attendance details for inspections, billing or other management purposes.

Last thing, if needed you can also download the attendance report to your computer so you can print or use Excel for further analysis and planning!


Who is it for: Childcare providers and Parents

We love helping childcare professionals do what they do best – help children grow and achieve their full potential.

Here is a summary of general improvements we made during the months of April and May:

  • Improved the notifications area to make it easier to view when were notifications created
  • Sped up photos, videos and documents attachment on posts and developmental observations
  • Added support for links in posts. Super useful if you’d like to share links to external resources with parents/childcare professionals
  • Improvements to daily records, observations and posts
What is new in June 2017 - General improvements to reduce time with paperwork and involve parents

We believe that reducing the time childcare providers spend with paperwork and streamline the communication between childcare providers and parents are key to ensure children’s reach their full potential.

Click here to contact us if you’d like to know more about how we can help you save time with paperwork, ensure you are compliant with regulations and streamline the communication with parents.