We love our customers and their ideas. Here is the list of improvements we’ve made during the month of March 2017.

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Who is it for: Part-time and Full-time childcare providers

We know you share plenty of photos on daily basis. In fact some of our customers have shared more than 6000 photos in the last 3 months.

Where in the old days a “picture was worth a thousand words”, now we say “a video is worth a thousand pictures”. 

Parents love to see videos of their children. You can now capture small moments such as circle time, outdoor activities, paint play and share them directly with parents.


Who is it for: Part-time and Full-time childcare providers

Have you ever wanted to share meal menus, newsletters, policies or perhaps the latest inspection report? While we were adding support for videos we also decided to support documents.

As of today you can share Word, Excel or PDF documents with parents. You can add multiple documents to each post or observation.

Notes on meals and nappies

Who is it for: Full-time childcare providers

Our customers had a common need of adding small notes when recording a meal or a nappy change.

Whether it was because little Alice had all her spaghetti bolognese but left didn’t eat the salad or because Jack had a small rash on his bum there was a need to leave small individual notes on meals or nappies.

Now, whenever you are recording a meal or a nappy change you can add a small note for parents can see.

Who is it for: Parents

On our latest annual survey parents said they would like to see all the photos and videos in one place.

There is no need to go through dozens or hundreds of posts, observations or daily records.

As an exclusive feature for parents we launched the Gallery. Parents now have a way to quickly see and download all their child’s photos and videos.

Photos can then be printed, added to photo albums or shared with family members.

Try the Gallery now and let us know if you like it!

Photo & Video Gallery. Parents now have a way to quickly see, download all their child’s photos and videos.

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