We love our customers and their ideas. Here is the list of improvements we’ve made during the months of November, December 2017, January, February and March 2018.

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PS: In case you missed it you can find October 2017’s updates here.


Who is it for: Childcare providers

We know preschool teachers are super organized and to help them keeping all documentation structured and easily accessible you can now categorize your posts and observations.

What is new in October 2017 - Curriculum Report

For instance, in the picture above there’s a post about a sensory play activity that you’ve done.

To organize your work as a preschool teacher, you tagged the activity with the category “sensory play”. This way whenever you need to check what sensory play activities you’ve done you can quickly search for “sensory play”!


Who is it for: Childcare providers and parents

Whether you are:

  • a preschool teacher doing your planning, assessment, …
  • a childcare manager ensuring that all the documentation is in order, …
  • a parent if you are looking for ideas on how you can extend learning at home

You can quickly search by the type of activity, search for a child, filter by date, categories, …, you name it!

What is new in June 2017 - daily records meals and activities tracking

Our goal is to ensure you never have to spend time looking for the information you need. With ChildDiary you have access to everything you need, whenever you need.

Photos, Videos, Audios, Documents

Who is it for: Childcare providers and families

If a picture speaks a thousand words, how many do a video or sound recording speak?

With ChildDiary you can quickly add photos, videos, sound recordings or document as evidence in your observations or posts you’d like to share with families. Parents can also share media files to their child’s portfolio.

What is new in October 2017 - Waiting List

The best thing is that there are no limit on how many photos, videos, … can be shared and it is super fast! Give it a try :)

New curriculum report

Who is it for: Childcare providers

ChildDiary was created from the start by mixing the technical skills and early years education expertise of our team. That always lead us to invest in the curriculum features to help preschool teachers assess and plan children’s development. With this in mind we updated our curriculum report:

What is new in October 2017 - Waiting List

The goal of the new curriculum report is to:

  • Collect all the observations you created linked to your curriculum
  • Support you when you need to quickly assess what areas of your curriculum were covered
  • Help you plan the next steps in terms of a child’s development
  • Assist you when you are doing your assessment by offering you valuable insight on your curriculum

The cool thing is that you can see the curriculum report from a child’s perspective but also from a teacher’s perspective if you like to assess your whole group!

Assessment Report

Who is it for: Childcare providers

A preschool assessment form can be a great way to record a child’s progress and skills that they’ve learned throughout the school year.

To help preschool teachers plan, our assessment report is automatically created based on the observations you’ve done.

What is new in October 2017 - Waiting List

With our assessment report, preschool teachers don’t need to worry when they are doing the child’s assessment. You can do your assessment reports based on the observations you captured.

It saves preschool teachers tons of time while offering the information they need to assess and plan effectively. You can can share the assessment reports with families or print them straight from ChildDiary!


Who is it for: Childcare providers and Parents

We love helping childcare professionals do what they do best – help children grow and achieve their full potential.

Here is a short summary of general improvements we made during the months of November, December 2017, January, February and March 2018:

  • Reviewed the observation template to save preschool teachers time while documenting children’s learning
  • Updated the daily records, among other things, the reminders are easier to do
  • Added curriculum tags for OCEPE, Experiências-Chave Creche, Sistema de Acompanhamento de Crianças Creche e Jardim de Infãncia, International Baccalaureate
  • Reviewed the notes on each child to ensure preschool teachers have all the information they need at their fingertips.
  • And much more…!
What is new in October 2017 - General improvements to reduce time with paperwork and involve parents

We believe that reducing the time childcare providers spend with paperwork and streamline the communication between childcare providers and parents are key to ensure children’s reach their full potential.

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