We love our customers and their ideas. Here is the list of improvements we’ve made during the months of July, August, September and October.

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PS: In case you missed it you can find June’s updates here.

Curriculum Report

Who is it for: Childcare providers

ChildDiary was created from the start by mixing the technical skills and early years education expertise of our team. That always lead us to invest in the curriculum features to help preschool teachers assess and plan children’s development. With this in mind we updated our curriculum report:

What is new in October 2017 - Curriculum Report

The goal of the new curriculum report is to:

  • Collect all the observations you created linked to your curriculum
  • Support you when you need to quickly assess what areas of your curriculum were covered
  • Help you plan the next steps in terms of a child’s development
  • Assist you when you are doing your assessment by offering you valuable insight on your curriculum

The cool thing is that you can see the curriculum report from a child’s perspective but also from a teacher’s perspective!


Who is it for: Childcare providers

You can now link your observations to Síolta.

Síolta is the national quality framework for early childhood care and education in Ireland. It establishes 16 quality standards that all early childhood services should work towards.

Would you like to use your own curriculum? Send us an email to support@childdiary.net and let us know!

What is new in June 2017 - daily records meals and activities tracking

Síolta has 2 very important functions:

  1. It guides the way all early childhood care and education services work and develop in Ireland.It does this by establishing core principles to which all services must adhere and by guiding early years settings towards quality practice in all areas of service provision.
  2. Síolta also serves as a self-assessment Quality Assurance Programme. Settings participating in a Formal Síolta Quality Assurance Programme engage in a process of self-evaluation and reflection. This means they need to be able to:
    • describe their own practice in relation to each of the 16 standards of quality detailed in the relevant Síolta manual
    • make plans for improving their practice where necessary and then carry out these plans
    • collect a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their current level of quality in each of the 16 Standards

Waiting list management

Who is it for: Childcare providers

These days, many parents are so intent on getting high-quality care for their kids, that they are signing up at popular Early Years Services from the moment they know they are expecting a baby. Some childcare providers don’t even offer applications, but merely hand parents a wait-list form. That means some children spend the first two years of their lives on a wait list.

What is new in October 2017 - Waiting List

ChildDiary is here to help childcare providers managing the long waiting lists from a single screen. With ChildDiary you can check who is waiting for a place, when is the starting date, the age of the children, … And the best thing is that it is very easy to use!

Increased security

Who is it for: Childcare providers and parents

We reviewed our security processes and features to ensure all the content shared by childcare providers stays secured and private. We take extensive measures to follow the best security and privacy guidelines.

Additionally we are proud to announce that we count with the excellent help of Microsoft’s Azure team to keep ChildDiary running smoothly and securely.

You can read more about our privacy policy here.

What is new in October 2017 - Improved security


Who is it for: Childcare providers and Parents

We love helping childcare professionals do what they do best – help children grow and achieve their full potential.

Here is a short summary of general improvements we made during the months of July, August, September and October:

  • Improved ChildDiary’s overall speed of the app to ensure childcare providers spend less and less time with documentation
  • Introduced time stamped tokens to secure photos, videos and files shared in ChildDiary.
  • Fixed minor issues to photos upload that would cause some tablets to display the photos incorrectly
  • Reviewed the email notifications templates
  • Staff and parents can now type in comments with multiple lines. Handy when there’s a lot to be said!
  • Included the childcare provider’s name on each entry to provide a much more personalized experience to parents
  • And much more…!
What is new in October 2017 - General improvements to reduce time with paperwork and involve parents

We believe that reducing the time childcare providers spend with paperwork and streamline the communication between childcare providers and parents are key to ensure children’s reach their full potential.

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