As it’s been standard practice since we started, we love to get feedback from families, teachers and management.

Here is a list of the main updates over the last few months:

  • Intelligent curriculum planning
  • New homescreen for management and teachers
  • Parental access report
  • Custom archival of messages sent by parents
  • Daily routines simplified and easier to document
  • Documentation search optimized for speed and efficiency

Other improvements:

  • It’s now easier to add a child’s profile
  • Video sharing was optimized
  • App installation process was simplified
  • New user profile for assistants so teachers can share the responsibilities of daily documentation
  • Daily Routines automatically record the details of the user responsible for attendance, hygiene and sleep

As we all know, childcare providers have no time to waste. Therefore we doubled down on ensuring that ChildDiary is as fast as it can be with 99% of all tasks being executed in under 300 milliseconds (that’s less than a third of a second)

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Intelligent Curriculum Planning

Who is it for: Educators and Managers

Observing, documenting and assessing are interconnected stages that are in constant development and fully integrated in a yearly plan.

As such, with ChildDiary you can:

  • Create your observation records quickly and easily
  • Access the curriculum report in order to do the pedagogical progress review
  • Elaborate your planning and assessment in accordance with your observations
Whats new in September 2018 - Events

Intelligent Curriculum Planning allows you to plan your next activities with your group’s real needs in mind.

Other benefits:

  • You can copy and duplicate activities quickly (time saving)
  • All of your planning work is automatically archived for later review or in the event of an inspection

Would you like to quickly plan your next activities based on your children’s real needs? Try ChildDiary for free and see how quick and easy it can be.

Communicating with families with ease

Who is it for: Teachers and Management

One of the key aspects for teachers and management for both preschool and daycare is communication with families.

With ChildDiary you can share with the families all the relevant information regarding their children day to day. 

Often families will share information back (as well as feedback) which has to be filed for later review or for inspection/compliance purposes.

ChildDiary offers a tool so  you can easily select and file all the information families share with the school.

Whats new in September 2018 - Observation

This way you can save all the information sent by the parents in a simple manner, whether it’s for building the portfolio, specifics about medication or whatever it may be.

Would you like to improve the communication with the families and involve them more in their children’s education? Try ChildDiary for free today!

Fast and Smart Search

Who is it for:  Teachers, Coordination, Management and Families

Time is a precious commodity. As such, finding what you need quickly and easily is essential in the time sensitive operations of any childcare provider.

Our “filters” allow Families, Teachers and Management to access all relevant information as quickly as possible.

fast and smart search

Would you like to have all the information in one place, without the need to search for papers, notebooks, etc?

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