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With so many parents these days working long hours, there is no surprise that they get more cautious when trying to decide what crèche they should send their little ones to. As a result, we carried out a survey recently to find out why are parents choosing your childcare service and what are the most important factors.

While cost seemed to be a major influencer in the decision making process, the factors below are as equally important for parents:


First of all Staff, was repeatedly found as an important criteria before making decision. Parents ask quite regularly in advance about staff. In addition, parents also raise questions such as turnover rates, qualifications, experience,  as well as children and childcare professional ratios.


The next factor that came in on top of the list, was Food.  Parents indicated that it is very important that the food offered to children is fresh, and is cooked on site too. With numbers of obesity in kids increasing in Ireland, we believe that this factor will only grow in importance.

Professional child care provider feeding food for kids


Crèche policies, specifically Health & Safety. Discipline and Open Door were also important considerations for Parents.  Some found it frustrating that you could not just drop in to view the facilities, in which you had to make a prior appointment, sometimes weeks in advance.


Finally, another item that was widely mentioned by parents was Vibe. When referring to the Vibe, a mix of various factors were indicated, such as, the way in which the child care provider interacted with children. How happy the children were, the management’s attitude, as well as the crèche facilities. In other words, the Vibe, combined the overall Parent’s view of the crèche.

In addition to the above findings, parents also mentioned that they had requested from the crèches for specific types of information, such as: Ethos for early years learning, routines, activities, outdoor play times, recommendations, Illness Policy, Sleeping Area and how the crèche differs from other crèches.

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